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Wheeling It: Wind, water & wine — Rufus, Ore.

From the bloggers at Wheeling It.

It was hard not to agree, at least in the moment. We had landed what looked like the ideal boondocking site in one of the many free COE-managed areas on the banks of the Columbia River. We had a corner of the peninsula all to ourselves with sweeping views of golden hills and the gorgeous river rolling placidly along the sandy beach below us.

There were only a few other rigs in the area (all well separated) and I couldn’t imagine wanting to leave.

Of course the fact that the hills were covered in windmills and that this was known as one of the premier windsurfing spots on the Columbia River should have provided a clue of what was to come, but as they say “ignorance is bliss”.

So, after a lovely cocktail on our riverfront “porch” and a delicious meal we went to sleep with just a whisper of heavenly breeze through the window.

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