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Wheeling It: Tips on RV camping and attending the balloon festival

From the bloggers at Wheeling It.

When we first put Balloon Fiesta on our bucket list I really knew nothing about it other than it was a lot of balloons and I had to see it. It took us an additional 5 years to finally get here and in-between many of my RV buddies attended and provided tons of good info which helped us learn and decide how to plan our own trip.

So what I’m about to write here is not exactly original. However what I will try and do is sum it up in my own words and provide some extra practical tips from our own experience.

How Many Days Should I Attend?

The Balloon Fiesta happens each year in early Oct and lasts for a total of 9 days. Initially we weren’t really sure we wanted to come for it all. Did we really want to see 9 whole days of balloons?? Wouldn’t we get bored? Thankfully we were encouraged by more knowledgeable RV buddies to commit to the whole thing and in the end I’m very happy that we did.

Not only did the longer commitment allow us to enjoy the Fiesta at our leisure (a few days on the field, at few mornings watching the launch from the RV, a few days crewing etc.), but it ensured we got multiple days of really good ballooning conditions, and that’s perhaps the most important item.

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