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Wheeling It - Painted Desert

Wheeling It: The Painted Desert, Ariz.

From the bloggers at Wheeling It:

Every now and then you see something in nature that speaks directly to the artist in you (‘coz we ALL carry an artist inside us) in the same way that transcendental meditation spoke to the Gurus of the early 70’s.

It’s a thing so apparently unnatural that you wonder if it really exists. A thing my left-side science brain can only barely comprehend, but my right-side art brain embraces with wild gusto. The Painted Desert in Eastern Arizona, my dear blog readers, is one of those things.

To set the scene imagine yourself in a landscape of domes towering 300 feet into the sky. The mountains look as if they’ve been splashed by a mad painter with wild bands of purples, reds, pinks and blues swirling like giant candy canes around their base. It’s a landscape that seems created from pure imagination.

To read about Wheeling It’s trip to the Painted Desert in Arizona, and enjoy plenty of beautiful images, click here.

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