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Wheeling It: The Oregon Wallowas Part II — Getting high & wild

From the bloggers at Wheeling It.

I never pass up an opportunity to get high and wild, and here in the Oregon Wallowas there’s no end of that kind of stuff going on. It’s the kind of place where both of these are right around the corner, in your backyard, practically everywhere you look.

Step out of your RV and you’re immersed in it, walk a few miles and you’ll be right in the midst of it. I’m talking about mountains and wilderness of course and a big reason for their nearness is that NE Oregon is remote and crazy wild with much of it protected and no way to get into it other than by foot. If there ever was a place that spoke to the very essence of me, this is it.

To appreciate exactly what I’m talking about here it’s best to set to scene.

The NE corner of Oregon rises from a high desert valley to a stunning 60-mile mountain range known as the Wallowas. This is the largest subalpine/alpine range in Oregon and it encompasses no less than 31 peaks higher than 9,000 feet. At the very core of this mountain wonderland lies the 361,446 acre Eagle Cap Wilderness wherein hide the very highest of granite peaks and the very densest concentration of pristine alpine lakes.

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