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Wheeling It: The 2015 WheelingIt internet & phone set-up

From the bloggers at Wheeling It.

I get quite a lot of questions about what we do for internet and phone on the road. The truth is that the “best” deals are constantly changing and vary from person to person. What may work perfectly for us might not work for you (or might not be worth the cost to you). Do you need a lot of internet? Or just a bit? Do you care about snazzy phone service? Or will a cheap pre-paid phone do the job?

It’s such a complex topic that I can’t possibly talk about all the options in one blog post, and much prefer to leave that to the experts. For those of you just getting into this, I really recommend researching all your options by buying the most excellent The Mobile Internet Handbook (just updated this year), checking the latest articles on the RV Mobile Internet Resource Center and, if you want to go into even more depth, joining the Mobile Internet Afficionado group.

Which Cellular Provider?

Most RVers get both their data & phone plans from a cellular provider, and that’s how we’ve operated since we hit the road in 2010.

When we first started RVing Verizon had the absolute best coverage nationwide, and these days that’s pretty much still true. However AT&T has significantly expanded over the years and is now a very serious contender for RV travelers, so much so that in many areas you can’t tell the difference between the two and in some spots AT&T is even better!

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