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Wheeling It: Taste of the Tetons part 2 — 5 dog-friendly outings

From the bloggers at Wheeling It.

This is just a partial list of the things you cannot do with your doggie within the limits of Grand Teton National Park, and it’s pretty typical of just about every National Park (bar a select few) in the entire USA.

Basically you can walk your dog in the parking lot or on driveable roads, but nowhere else. For those who are pooch-crazy (like us), it’s a total bummer since it means we can’t do what we enjoy most (hiking) with those we love the most (Polly).

It’s the reason we typically avoid National Parks in our RV travels. Since we rarely hike without doggie, and we don’t like to leave her more than 4 hours at a time there’s just not much attraction in being in a place where all you can do is gawk at it from the outside. Well, except when you’re in the Tetons of course and gawking is exactly what you came to do.

We discovered a special doggie loophole a mere 3 months into our RV travels in 2010, and that secret is National Forest. Most National Parks are surrounded by abundant (huge, enormous) slices of National Forest and the rules there are entirely different. They’re dog-friendly everywhere including all trails, and some even allow “voice control” (no leash requirement). That’s typically where we find our doggie salvation, and in the Teton area we did the same. In addition we discovered a few extra “hidden gems” in and around town.

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