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Wheeling It: RV Christmas list — Useful outdoor stuff that lasts

From the bloggers at Wheeling It.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been thinking about our 2015 RV Christmas Wish List. I’ve done one of these almost every year we’ve been on the road, and it’s always been fun.

I usually pick a topic, like a “big 5” wish-list or an inexpensive Christmas RV decorating ideas list or a RV stocking suffers under $20 list etc. This year, as we near completion of our 6th year of fulltime living on the road I wanted to focus on outdoor stuff, and more specifically I wanted to focus on the stuff that lasts.

In our modern world, where everything seems to be manufactured to be disposable after a few years, I thought this would be an interesting share. Also, we are near-perfect guinea-pigs for this, since we are downright monstrous on our outdoor gear. We regularly forget to take stuff inside when it storms or rains, we throw it and drop it and we even drive 33,000 pound beastly RV’s over (some of) it. What could possibly handle that kind of continuous abuse?

Well, here’s our top 5 list of stuff to wish for that does:

1. Lynx Leveling Blocks

A pack of inexpensive plastic blocks that last 6 years of driving a monstrous 33,000 lb RV up on them? Yup, believe it or not we still have our very first pack of Lynx Levelers (~$27 for pack of 10) and love them so much we’ve added 3 more packs to our arsenal over the years. We use them to help level our rig (and keep our wheels “down”) in very uneven campsites, and since we often park in rather rustic public parks or boondocking sites, we use them a lot.

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