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Wheeling It: Re-united with my beloved desert — Congress and Quartzsite, Ariz.

From the bloggers at Wheeling It.

As I walked into the sunset the world was stretching. Shadows elongated towards the horizon, crevices deepened to a bottomless black and edges sharpened to paper-thin intensity. I was alone, just me and the desert and life seemed to stop in this very moment. I experienced a quiet so deep I wondered if it was real, a moment so arrested I wondered if I’d left the earthly realm.

And yet, alone as I was I felt many kindred spirits too. Those that walked thousands of years before me, those recently departed and the myriad of desert animals and people that inhabit this stark environment today. This was was life was all about. This very moment where the sun sets, where deep golden colors permeate your soul, when the silence of the world fills your mind.

There is something about the desert that does this kind of stuff to you. Something you don’t get anywhere else. The sea moves you and carries you on its waves, the mountains call and envelop you in their grandness, but the desert…the desert absorbs you completely and totally.

You either love it or you hate it and if you’re the former it’s a love that never abates. You crave it and long for it, and only when you’re finally there do you feel complete, right, normal.

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