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Wheeling It: My camera and photo gear

From the bloggers at Wheeling It.

Over the past 5 months I’ve been quietly updating my camera gear. It’s something I do every 5 years or so and I usually don’t publicize it too much since I’ve always considered how you use a camera to be so much more important than what camera you use (it’s the user not the gear my dear). But I always get asked this question, so I figured today I would give a few tips on how I chose my cameras and update you all on what I’m currently shooting with.

  1. The best camera is the one you carry with you

Perhaps one of the things that surprises folks most when they ask me about my gear is that ~90% of the shots I take on the blog are taken with my hand-dandy not-at-all-fancy pocket camera. The reason for this is pretty darn simple and it’s got everything to do with portability. When I’m walking around town or biking or hiking in the mountains, I don’t want to be carrying 3 lbs of camera gear around my neck. I need something that fits into my pocket and that I can just whip out anytime I feel like it.

So, when folks ask me what camera to chose the first thing I always recommend is that they be honest with themselves about what they’re willing to carry around. If you buy a big DSLR will you be able to carry it everywhere with you? Or, do you need something light and compact? What about when you’re hiking? Biking?

The bottom line is that you can’t take great pics if you don’t have your camera with you, so the best camera to have is the one you’ll carry and use. It’s that simple.

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