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Wheeling It: Meet-ups, love & beer – Bend, Ore.

From the bloggers at Wheeling It.

Since my last post we’ve been enjoying our continued “nesting” time here in Bend. We had the best of intentions to get out, hike and sightsee (like we did last year), but I’ve actually got shockingly little to report and, even more shockingly, it’s because of work.

One of my many former lives was as a food photographer and just recently I got recruited to write a recipe article. So, together with mastermind-cook Paul we’ve spent the majority of our free time this past week shooting (with a camera that is) and eating food. It’s not the worst job you could have (our bellies have approved) and all the recipes will eventually end up on the blog, so you’ll get to share the fruits of that endeavor too, but for now it’s all hush-hush and the only thing I can tell you is we’ve got some tasty gems planned.

Outside of food, friends, beer and horses (of all things) have drawn us out for occasional activities, so here’s the update:

By far the biggest social event of the past 7 days was actually our blog meet-up last Saturday at Crux Fermentation and IT…WAS…AWESOME!

We had a small group of folks, maybe around 20 people total that turned up, but it was a thoroughly laid-back and fun occasion. My memory for names is abyssal, but some of the folks who turned up were Bill (who we met in Borrego earlier this year), Mike, Rick, Glen & Linda, Kristen & Jason (The Snowmads), Cody & Tricia (ourwanderingrhythm), Brecht & Becky (brechtify) and and a bunch more who I’ve shockingly forgotten by name (I blame my bird-seed-size name memory bank and the third bottle of oh-so-yummy Tough Love Stout).

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