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Wheeling It: Kite madness – Long Beach, Wash.

From the bloggers at Wheeling It.

I had no idea what that meant personally, but clearly the crowd here was serious. Hundreds of people were listening intently and craning their attention at the action. They’d set-up camp along the sand in make-shift tents and chairs and there was practically not a patch of open space left. Packs of fans surrounded by reams of kids and doggies, all happily speeding around. These folks were clearly dug in for the day, but no-one was here to sunbathe.

Everyone was looking up at the sky, and the view there was something entirely different.

High above us was a kaleidoscope of action. At least 500 different kites were flying in the early morning haze. A teeming mass of every shape and size imaginable, twirling and spinning in multi-color madness, dancing an intricate ballet that only kite-flyers would understand, but in such an appealing way that everyone was mesmerized.

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