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Wheeling It: Into the Grand Canyon

From the bloggers at Wheeling It.

“It’s never going to happen” I though to myself

I was standing on the rim of the Great Ditch and I realized right away that there was no way I could ever capture it. Here I was, the blogger, the photographer (or so I like to think of myself)….and I was stymied.

This was just too vast, too enormous to portray in any real way. The depths went so deep they made me dizzy, the width so wide the far side was in a haze, and the colors were intense in some spots yet completely wiped out in others. I could barely comprehend it myself, and I was there.

The fact that my little ant-form and puny lens perched at the tip of a mere foot of the vast rim couldn’t capture its grandiosity is bleedin’ obvious. No one can capture this place, except maybe NASA and even then you just can’t get the feel of the place without physically being here.

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