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Wheeling It: Giving thanks

From the bloggers at Wheeling It.

Well goodness turkey me, I never imagined my last post would invoke that much interest! I honestly thought it’d be the kind of post that would only interest a few fellow bloggers, so I have to admit the outpouring of support and thanks was completely overwhelming. I’m still working through all the comments, but be assured I have read and felt the love in each and every one. What an amazing gift! Thank you!

Also for those worried, fear not that I’m about to ditch the blog-world. I still enjoy our blog-sharing journey and as long as the inspiration to write continues to fill me, I’ll continue to be here. The positive community that surrounds RVing is one of the core reasons I’ve blogged for so long . It’s a huge part of what makes this journey of ours so rich and inspiring. You folks are key to this, and for that I give you my deepest, most heartfelt thanks!

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