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Wheeling It: Slide topper replacement with tough top toppers

From the bloggers at Wheeling It.

Most slide toppers wear out, this is a general truth. The material gets saggy and develops uneven “dips” where water pools (after rain) and the UV stitching starts to fray. Bigger toppers wear faster and eventually, with enough abuse, the toppers weaken and rip. We replaced our toppers around 4 years ago, and we probably could have gone a year or so further on the ones we had if it weren’t for Paul’s wind problem.

You see our toppers were flapping around a lot in the wind, making incessant rat-tat-tat-tat noises interspersed with scary whooosh noises whenever they billowed up (which they did often). Over time it got so bad the slide toppers were making noise even in moderate-to-low wind. I was more or less able to handle it, but it drove Paul crazy (literally nuttier than the Mad Hatter) which meant we either had to strap the toppers down (with a long rope around the slide -> a pain to do) or spend our days/nights with the slides pulled in (which is how we ended up most of the time)

The solution to our problem was either a complete removal of the toppers (which Paul, knife in hand, was ready to do pretty much every second of the day) or replacement with a better slide topper material. We opted (after a bit of internal “family negotiation”) for the latter. Specifically we wanted a thicker material that would (hopefully) flap less and last longer on our slides.

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