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Wheeling It: Balloon Fiesta first impressions

From the bloggers at Wheeling It.

It was early morning, and by early I mean the sky was still dark, as in pitch black I-can’t-see-a-bleeding-thing. It’s a time that belongs to bats and vampires, when normal people should be snoozing away in deep REM sleep in their cozy warm beds. Yet here we were, wide awake and buzzing on coffee.

And we were not alone.

Tens of thousands of other crazy people were here too, and they teemed around us on the moist grass, humming like bees in a giant hive, chatting, buzzing & moving in a colossal mass of human shadows against the dark. Many had spent the night sleeping on the ground, just to be here early enough to catch the first impressions. Others had come in at an inhumanly early hour, to beat the several hour-long traffic jams that were already forming on the interstate.

Everyone was ready for the show to begin.

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