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Wheeling It: A world away in Benson, Ariz.

From the bloggers at Wheeling It.

We’ve made it ~300 miles East to the Escapee Park at Benson Ariz. It was only 2 drives, but it seems a world away from our 2-month water spot in San Diego. Instead of palm trees we’ve got cactus, and instead of dips in the bay we’ve got long walks in the desert sand. It’s a landscape that both barren and beautiful (if you like that kind of thing) and I have to admit I’m enjoying the dramatic switch.

Despite our many years on the road, I still find it astonishing that landscape can change so dramatically over such short distances. Another 300 miles from here and we could in the mountains amongst pine trees, or across the border in Mexico, or back by the ocean. Crazy when you think about it, really. This contrast, which never gets old, is part of what keeps my travel bug alive -> the urge to see what’s “over that next hill”, the push to experience what might be just around the corner.

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