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Wheeling It: 5 ways to keep entertained on the road

From the bloggers at Wheeling It.

This coming month we’ve got more travel than we have done in our previous 6 months on the road. Compared to our usual turtle-slow pace we’re practically racing across the country, and in order to schedule in some good rest days that’s going to mean some longer drives and more hours in the front of the RV.

Paul and I usually share the driving and on scenic roads we’ve got plenty to gawk at, but sometimes the road is not enough and we seek other ways to keep ourselves entertained.  Of course there’s my scintillating conversation, which is naturally superb and well above the norm in both intelligence and wit (I think I hear Paul snickering in the background), but what other ways do we amuse ourselves?

Here’s my list:


For many years we had satellite radio (Sirius) which was quite decent, but last year we started to get bored with it, so we dropped it and switched to plain old radio and Internet-based music.

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