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Wheeling It: 3 easy & cheap RV tech hacks

From the bloggers at Wheeling It.

Over the past few months hubby has upgraded our RV life with some easy “tech hacks”, and today I figured I would share those with our fine blog readers. Now, we are most definitely tech lovers and nerds, but sometimes we like to do stuff on the cheap either because we don’t really like the tech that’s on offer at the moment or we’re waiting for next-gen releases or…well…just because it’s plain fun to do a cheap hack.

None of these are earth-shattering in any way, but they’ve all worked really well for us so perhaps you might like them too.

1. Movie “Screencast” Hack
All you need is an HDMI cable

During the past year we finally made the move to disconnect our Direct TV. Around the same time our DVD+Amp (a cheap, horrible thing that came with the RV) went kaput. So, we’ve had nothing but empty space in our entertainment cabinet for a while.

We’ve been playing/streaming movies on our laptop(s) & eyeing an Apple TV so we can “cast” those movies onto our nice, big front LCD TV, but the new Apple TV (which is the one we want) never seems to come out. Also we haven’t really been motivated to replace the dead DVD player & amp. What we needed was a cheap and easy hack!

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