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Wheeling It: We’re going to NYC

From the bloggers at Wheeling It.

Now that Polly’s rehab is finally in a place we feel comfortable, it’s about time I give everyone a full update on the cat. As you might recall Taggart got diagnosed with hyperthyroidism back in early May, and at the time we were facing two difficult options -> Put her on the horrible meds which control the thyroid levels, but do not cure the progressive disease. Or give her an expensive radioactive I-131 treatment which requires a hospital stay and 15-days of special post-treatment handling, but does cure the disease.

This has been another long and somewhat complicated story, but I think we’re finally getting to an answer here, and it’s going to require yet another trip to another place that was never originally on our radar to visit. In a year that’s been pretty much entirely dictated by our paws, it’s probably no surprise that our next stop is entirely the cats fault (and we’re actually pretty excited about where this is going to take us) but wow…it’s been a helluva process to get here!

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