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Wheeling It: Boondocking for newbies part IV – enjoying your time in the boonies

Whoo hooo! If you’ve followed Part I, Part II and Part III of this series you’re parked right now in your very first boondocking site and ready to reap all the joys of boondocking. To make your experience as rich as possible I have a few final tips for you. This is the very last installment of this series.

Hopefully you followed Part II of this series and you learned how to monitor those RV batteries before you got to your site. So, now all you need to do is put that put that great knowledge into practice. Keep an eye on how low your battery voltage is going, and have a plan to re-charge those batteries when they hit 50%. Be aware of big energy “suckers” (e.g. microwaves, electrical heaters, hair dryers) and use those things sparingly. Turn stuff off when you’re not using it (lights etc.) and plan to spend more time outside where the sun is free and energy is what you bring with you.

What’s Our Biggest Tank Limit? In “the beast” we have a 100 gallon water tank, a 60 gallon grey and a 40 gallon black. When we first started boondocking our grey tank was our biggest limit, but through experience (with conservation etc.) our black tank is now our limiting factor. Water is easy to extend (especially if you supplement with external drinking water), grey tanks are easy to extend (by cutting down/changing how you wash/bathe), but you simply cannot limit how much you need to “go”. Most folks will put around 1.5-2 gallons of “stuff” in their black tank each day. This means a 40-gallon tank will typically last 2 people around 2 weeks. You can definitely extend this by how much paper you use (I’ve become a HUGE fan of baby wipes) and how often your flush, but once that tank is full plan to leave your site. Since most boondocking sites have 14-day stay limits (see below), this timeframe matches up well with moving on.

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