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Wheeling It: 2016 RVer gift guide

From the bloggers at Wheeling It:

The Christmas season is upon us and for those looking to buy some gifts for themselves or an RV friend we have a few easy and useful ideas for you.

I’ve done one of these lists every year since we started RVing (you can see the full set of posts at the bottom of this blog), so many of my recommendations are repeats from previous years (what can I say, the right stuff is simply the right stuff).

Also RVers have limited space and most RV folks don’t really need or want much (I actually struggle to come up with an Amazon wish-list most years) so many of the things I recommend are either stuff that don’t take up a lot of room or that can be used on the fly (e.g. gift cards).

To pick up some gift ideas, read Wheeling It’s 2016 RVer gift guide.

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