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John and Kathy Huggins, founders of Living the RV Dream
John and Kathy Huggins, founders of Living the RV Dream

What if ‘someday’ never comes?

A very good friend of mine, Kathy Huggins, one of the podcasting/blogging duo at Living the RV Dream, is in critical condition at an Alabama hospital. She had emergency surgery on Friday to remove 95 percent of her upper intestine. Although she is expected to recover, she will be in rehabilitation for months, and her lifestyle forever altered.

I met Kathy a year ago at the Quartzsite show in Arizona. She and her husband, John, were at the show the same day and we sat down to talk for a few minutes, which turned into more than an hour. I was considering launching a podcast of my own, and they had been doing it for years. My intention was to pick their brain, but they wound up infecting me with a life-changing bug.

Kathy’s bubbly personality and John’s enthusiasm for the RV lifestyle was very apparent. But, when they asked me if I liked to RV, I said that I had rented a few in the past, and that someday I would like to do it fulltime like they do.  I will remember forever Kathy’s advice to me:

“We have talked to thousands of people over the years and the one thing they always tell us is, ‘I wish I had started sooner,” she said.

John and Kathy Huggins, founders of Living the RV Dream
John and Kathy Huggins, founders of Living the RV Dream

Her words took on a whole new meaning this week when I learned of her condition, and came to realize they might be forced to give up traveling. What if John and Kathy Huggins had waited to start their journey until “someday” when the everything was settled in their lives before they hit the road? Someday may have never come.

Yet, they followed their dream and, in turn, inspired thousands of others to begin theirs. John Huggins told me yesterday that they have been overwhelmed by the support, concern and encouragement thousands of people have shared since news of Kathy’s illness spread.

Imagine the thousands of lives that have been touched by this very personal (“Give me a hug! We’re Huggins and we’re into hugs,” Kathy says.) couple over the years. No lives would have been impacted had the couple waited until “someday” to begin living their RV dream.

Right now, there are MILLIONS of people still dreaming of “someday.” Why dream? Workamping makes it possible for singles, couples and families to earn money while employed in limited term jobs. I have met dozens of people who run businesses out of their RVs — requiring only electricity and an Internet connection to make a comfortable living. Homeschooling resources make it easy for ANYONE to provide a top-quality education for their children while on the road. Trust me, the children learn more about what’s really important in life by living a minimalist lifestyle, experiencing new cultures and meeting new people than they ever could learn in a public school classroom.

People who wait until retirement to start their RV journey; or wait until the kids are out of high school, or college, or married; or wait until they are out of debt, or have a nest egg saved up, these people will “someday” regret they didn’t start their journey when they were young enough to enjoy traveling.

After living in my RV full time for 10 months and visiting 23 states in the process, I truly understand what Kathy Huggins meant. I really should have started this journey much earlier!

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