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We’re The Russos: How to dump RV tanks

From the bloggers at We’re The Russos.

For first time RVers, the idea of dumping can seem like a daunting and perhaps even disgusting task. When you’re used to flushing everything down the toilet never to be seen again, like we were, it’s hard to imagine coming face to face with that waste a week later – and the internet is no help.

When you search for RV dumping articles, you’ll like come across endless horror stories that will give you nightmares and make you wonder why you ever wanted to RV. Heck, a few of those stories scared us so much we only wanted to use a composting toilet in our rig. In fact, we were dead set on it and I even convinced Joe to build a composting toilet. If you want a good laugh, read our composting bucket toilet adventure.

Why were we so afraid to dump? Fear of the unknown. Having never RVed before, our only point of reference was from the videos we watched along with the articles and forum threads we read.

To read the full story by We’re The Russos, click here.

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