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We’re the Russos: Pros and cons of RV dry camping or boondocking

From the bloggers at We’re the Russos.

Dry camping or boondocking in a recreational vehicle is camping without any hookups. Essentially, you rely on everything in your RV to make it for a day, a week or longer. We’ve been on the road full time for 207 days as of writing this post and 112 of those days were spent dry camping without any hookups. Below is a breakdown of the pros and cons of RV dry camping, the different types of dry camping and our thoughts on safety.

Before we dive in, here is some information about our motorhome and how long we can go before we have to pack up and go to a dump station.

  • We own a 2015 Newmar Bay Star 2903 with a 70 gallon fresh water tank, 60 gallon gray tank and 40 gallon black tank. When we were shopping for RVs, one of our requirements was good tank capacity for dry camping.
  • The coach came with a 4,000 watt Onan generator, two standard house batteries which we swapped out for two deep cycle golf cart batteries. We don’t have solar on the roof, but we do use a 100 watt portable solar panel.
  • Starting with a full tank of gas and fresh water and empty gray and black tanks, we can last 10 to 12 days without packing up to go to a dump station. In our case, the black tank always fills up first and that’s when we know it’s time to go. If we had a larger black tank, we could dry camp for a longer period.
  • We do not have water cans or a portable holding tank, which some RVers use to extend the length of time they can dry camp in the same spot.
  • One main factor that affects how long we can dry camp for is how much time we spend in the motorhome. When we take our tow car out to explore, we make sure to use the facilities at the businesses we visit, which means the tanks won’t fill up as fast.

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