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We’re The Russos: Four Corners monument and RV camping

From the bloggers at We’re The Russos.

We visited Four Corners Monument on our way from Mesa Verde to the Grand Canyon South Rim. This is the only quadripoint in the United States where four states come together and visitors can be in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah at the same time. There were no signs before the turn and we actually missed it. Instead of turning around, we decided to get to our RV camping spot, drop off the motorhome and return in the tow car. This worked out well because although the area has RV parking, the road was pretty rough and we were glad to be in the Jeep.

The entrance fee was $5 per person and the annual national park pass is not accepted. The dirt parking lot was large with plenty of spots outside the monument along with a few non-flushing toilets. When we arrived, there was a short line of people waiting to take a photo. Everyone had their own pose and it was fun to watch and to get ideas. There were stalls surrounding the monument where Native Americans were selling goods, but most of the stalls were empty during our visit.

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