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We’re The Russos: Fan-Tastic Ultra Breeze Vent Cover review

From the bloggers at We’re The Russos.

This is our Fan-Tastic Ultra Breeze vent cover review and we hope that you find it useful in helping you decide whether it’s the right fit for your RVing needs. One consistent element of weather we’ve experienced on the road is rain, and a lot of it. An issue we have with the rain is not being able to open the two Fan-Tastic vents in our motorhome. There is a manual override to turn off the rain sensor and open the vent, but that means letting rain inside. When there is a light drizzle, we may open the vent for air flow, especially while we’re cooking. However, it’s not recommended or ideal during heavy rain.

When we met up with fellow RVers in Flagstaff, they introduced us to the Fan-Tastic vent cover on their Airstream. The cover goes right over the vent and allows it to open even when it’s raining outside. For two months we contemplated the cover and when it went on sale for $50, Kait finally let me buy one. By the way, if you follow our monthly expenses, she’s the reason we’re under budget and she can tell you exactly how much I spent on coffee that month. So if you find this cover for less, please don’t mention it to her! She does know there are other vent covers on the market for less, but we decided to purchase the Fan-Tastic cover because it’s made for the Fan-Tastic vents on our coach.

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