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Motorhome camping on beach

WDIO: Crazy for camping part 2

From the writers at WDIO.

Most folks that head to the campsites are pushing away from the common amenities and getting closer to Mother Nature. However, for some, even Mother Nature can be too much of a burden. It’s those people that are more likely to ditch the sleeping bags and tents for RV’s, motorhomes, and tow-behind campers. In fact, 16 percent of all campers use either an RV, a motorhome, or tow-behind camper as shelter.

Katie Natwick said, “it’s wonderful. It’s like have a cabin with you everywhere you go.”

Just like cars, technology in recreational vehicles have advanced in the last decade.

Andy Johnson, a salesman from Bullyan RV, said, “everything you have at home, you’re going to have on the road. If the tent camping is starting to get a little bit on the old side, and you’ll have heat and you’ll have air conditioning.

To read the full story by WDIO, click here.

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