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Watsons Wander - Vermont

Watsons Wander: Wrapping it up in Vermont

From the bloggers at Watsons Wander:

I can’t believe our four weeks in Vermont came and went already. We arrived with a long list of people to visit, things to see, and projects to complete around the house, and while our success rate on the latter two was only so-so. we did pretty good on the visiting part. Which is really what this month was all about, so all in all I would call it a success.

Returning to our former home after spending so much time away is a strange thing. One one hand, it was nice to be back on familiar turf — no need to look up directions to the grocery store or search Google for restaurant recommendations — on the other hand, it was a little too easy. Without the pull to seek out and explore new places I could almost feel us slipping back into the rut that we set out to escape when we began this lifestyle.

To read about the Watsons’ trip to Vermont and see plenty of pictures, click here.

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