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Watson Wander: Mojave National Preserve

From the bloggers at Watson Wander.

Despite its proximity to both Las Vegas and Los Angeles, the Mojave National Preserve is a seldom visited area. In fact, most people have either never heard of it, or get it confused with the more generalized area we call the Mojave desert. Here’s the deal. The Mojave desert covers a large portion of southern California, southern Nevada, and a small slice of north-western Arizona. The area is defined by rocky, barren mountain ranges, vast basins, and sparse vegetation.

This portion of desert contains some pretty cool natural areas such as Joshua Tree National Park, Death Valley National Park, and the Lake Mead National Recreation Area. It also contains the 1.4 million acre Mojave National Preserve (MNP) where you will find an isolated series of dunes that rise 600 feet from the desert floor, volcanic rock formations for hiking and climbing, the densest Joshua tree forest in the world, and an impressive collection of rare flora and fauna. You will also find some incredible camping opportunities.

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