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Watson Wander: Two more Tennessee state parks

From the bloggers at Watson Wander.

First of all, I want to say thank you to everyone who commented and emailed regarding my last post about blogging. I’m still working on replying to everyone, but it means a lot to know that my thoughts resinated with so many other bloggers. And the notes of encouragement from are also appreciated.

My very favorite comment came from Rick who said, “Though we have never met and possibly never will I feel like part of your family as I have read your posts since nearly the beginning of your travels.” Ahhh…thanks Rick. We feel like you are part of our family as well.

Which reminds me of another huge reason why we have this blog. Blogging creates community. A community that supports and encourages each other. Yes, this blog is a place for us to record our memories, but it’s also a place for us to connect with others. Thanks for reading everyone!

Okay, on to the state parks. In the past few weeks we have hit up two more Tennessee State Parks. Both have been enjoyable with nice sites, hiking trials, and more cool waterfalls — but the cold weather is starting to get to us. We can deal with the cold overnight temps as our little electric heater does a good job of keeping it nice and toasty in here (although our water hose did freeze a few nights ago…oops, guess we should have disconnected). But with the sun setting at a ridiculously early hour, and the temps often not even making it out of the 50s during the day, we start to wonder what we’re doing here and why we don’t use those wheels our house is so conveniently equipped with

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