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Watson Wander: Thanksgiving in Nashville

From the bloggers at Watson Wander.

This is our fourth Thanksgiving on the road. Every year we try to do something a little different. The first year we stuffed ourselves silly at a Vegas buffet, the second year we had a traditional meal with a group of friends, the third year we met up with family on the beach in Florida, and this year we decided to spend a few days in Nashville exploring the city and enjoying our holiday meal at a fantastic restaurant called Adele’s.

I really like cooking so I surprised myself by wanting to eat out for Thanksgiving this year. It was that or find a remote campsite where the two of us could enjoy a home cooked meal in solitude. Since that last option describes our lives 90% of the time, I guess I just wanted something different. It ended up being a great experience. We enjoyed both meal and the restaurant, and not having to shop for or clean up after the meal was a real treat.

Before dinner we spent a few hours walking around downtown Nashville. I sometimes have a hard time finding beauty in cities. All that concrete, crowds of people, and trash carelessly strewn about really messes with this nature loving girl. But Nashville was different.

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