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Watson Wander: New curtains and a mini office

From the bloggers at Watson Wander.

I mentioned awhile back that we had a giant list of Airstream related projects we hoped to tackle during our month in Vermont. We’ve done our fair share of renovations and modifications while living on the road, and one thing we have learned is that it’s always easier when you’re parked in someone’s driveway with unlimited access to resources and space. So we made an ambitious list for our month of driveway surfing..and we got about a third of the projects complete. Not bad considering we were also working everyday and squeezing in as much social time as possible. Here is a run down of the two most exciting completed projects.

New bedroom curtains

When we did our initial round of renovations before moving into the Airstream, one of the things high on the list was to replace the terrible, bland, off-white curtains in both the living room and bedroom. I had a fair amount of prior curtain making experience and figured it was something I could easily tackle on my own.

The first set I made was for the bedroom. They came out okay, but I was never 100 percent satisfied with the results. For one, the bottoms didn’t line up perfectly (which Tim swears no one else would ever notice, but drove me crazy), and for two, the fabric choice was not the greatest.

I still love the pale blue with white and green circles pattern, but it limited any other patterns that I might want to put in the bedroom. Patterns like the handmade quilt I have been wanting to make for us.

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