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Watson Wander: Moose Brook State Park

From the bloggers at Watson Wander.

This has been one of the weeks when we’ve only left the campground a handful of times for the absolute necessities (like the laundromat & liquor store). Good for us, but not so good for an interesting blog post. I almost skipped it altogether, but since we’re heading into Vermont this weekend for an extended amount of time, I wanted to at least make a mention of our last week in New Hampshire.

Also, I wanted to show off the new pillows I made for our couch.

This is the third set of pillows I’ve made for the Airstream couch. Three years, three sets of pillows — not bad. While my main reason for making new pillows so often stems more from the fact that I like redecorating than them wearing out, I have to admit that the old ones looked pretty flat and sad next to the fresh new set.

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