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Watson Wander: Making our way across Texas

From the bloggers at Watson Wander.

We spent more time on the road last week then we sometimes do in an entire month. From Monday to Saturday we drove a whopping 998 miles all the way from our lovely site in east Texas to Benson, Ariz. Along the way we spent two nights at an ACOE campground called Yegua Creek, one night at a Walmart in Kerrville, one night at the Caverns of Sonora, and one night at the Camping World just north of El Paso.

On Saturday afternoon we drove into Arizona with the goal of making it to the SKP Saguaro Co-op in Benson. A few miles from our exit dark clouds rolled in and snow started coming down.

Despite the weird weather, we’re happy to officially be back in the southwest after spending the last year traveling around the eastern side of the county. Even though it’s been too cold to get out and explore, it still feels good to be back in the desert.

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