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Watson Wander: The great Canadian road trip — part 2

From the bloggers at Watson Wander.

We recently traveled from Minnesota to Maine by way of Canada. We had ten days to complete the trip which we hoped would give us enough time to combine short drive days with fun stuff like hiking and kayaking. Along the way I kept a daily journal of the trip.

Day 5

This morning we drove for an hour and half without passing any towns. When we finally did come to a town called Wawa we stopped for gas and some lunch. The only disappointment about our route so far is that the towns along the way have been on the run down side and sadly lacking in dining options. I’m not sure if it’s economics, or geographic location that has these towns down, but we’ve seen a lot of bordered up store fronts and closed down restaurants.

Instead of the locally owned diners and cafes that we were hoping for, the main options for eating are Tim Hortons, Robin’s Donuts, and A & W. This time the only lunch option was Tim Hortons, so we tried it out. It was…well, let’s just say that lunch is definitely not their thing.

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