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Watson Wander: Through the Carolinas and into Florida

From the bloggers at Watson Wander

With Thanksgiving over and done we had one final obligation before we were free to head south to be snowbirds in Florida for the winter. The final obligation was our yearly trip to Charlotte, N.C., so Tim could show his face at the office. Charlotte is not a camping destination. I’m pretty sure no one visits with their RV unless they have family in town or some sort of work obligation. It’s not a bad city, but it’s got kind of a generic feel and seems to be lacking in the vibrant culture that other cities exhibit. They do have good barbecue though 🙂

This is our third year in a row visiting Charlotte, and the third time Tim’s office has moved locations around the city. We always try to find a place to stay that’s as close as possible so he doesn’t have a long commute. This was our most successful attempt as we managed to get within a 20-minute drive from the office. Not only did that mean he didn’t have to spend close to an hour commuting each way (like the first year when we stayed at McDowell Nature Preserve), but it was also a reasonable distance if I wanted to drop him off and pick him up so I wasn’t stuck at the RV park all day.

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