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Watson Wander: Airstream update — polished

From the bloggers at Watson Wander.

When we decided to sell our house and live full time in an RV we thought one of the perks would be an end to the incessant amount of around-the-house projects and repairs. Ha! How wrong we were.

Since we started full-time RVing almost four years ago we have taken on a long list of projects, both out of necessity (repairs) and also out of our never ending desire to renovate and improve (new kitchen backsplash, new bedroom curtains, fridge front re-face…and more). I think part of the problem is that we’re DIY-aholics. Which means that as much as we might grumble about this project or that project, the truth is that we both enjoy around-the-house projects.

So in the spirit of getting our DIY fix this winter we took on the most ambitious project yet — Airstream polishing. This is a big job. We knew it would be a big job, and we knew it would be a difficult job. In fact, we even (gasp) considered hiring someone to do it for us.

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