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Watson Wander: A trip to the big city

From the bloggers at Watson Wander.

Our main goal for this winter was to have no goals. No commitments, no reservations, and no plans other than enjoying some time in the desert with who ever we happened to bump into. Hanging out in southern CA & AZ where the boondocking and friendships are plentiful has ensured that our “no goals” goal has been extremely successful.

But no goals does not mean no fun! The best part of having no commitments is that when something interesting comes our way we are free to jump on it. Which is exactly what happened when Tim learned that one of our favorite bands, The Devil Makes Three, was playing in Phoenix. We quickly decided that a side trip into the big city was in order, packed up our house, and headed down the road.

While we love the regional parks on the outskirts of Phoenix, for a quick two night stay the parking lot at the Casino Arizona seemed to be the best option (also, with no reservations there was zero chance of getting into any of those parks). This casino allows three nights of overnight parking provided you check in with security upon arrival to secure a permit. After checking in we did a quick stroll through the main part of the casino and once again confirmed that this is not at all our scene. However, we really appreciated the relatively quiet, separate RV parking area at the back of the casino parking lot.

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