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Watson Wander: Maine (again)

From the bloggers at Watson Wander.

I’ll be the first to admit that I wasn’t 100% thrilled about coming to Maine this summer. It’s not that I don’t like Maine, but we were just here last year, and I was really looking forward to exploring more of the Pacific Northwest this summer. But my brother was getting married in Maine, and for various reasons it didn’t make sense to just fly in for the wedding, so here we are, back in Maine again. Well guess what? Despite my initial hesitation, as soon as we arrived I was reminded how much I like it here.

Sure, the scenery isn’t awe inspiring like Colorado, or blow your mind stunning like Utah, or even as wild and rugged as the Oregon coast. Yes, the beaches here are mega crowded, the campgrounds always full, the small coastal towns a bit too polished and New England-ified (that’s a thing I swear), but when you get past all of that you find picturesque bays studded with green islands, soft rolling hills, and local folk who are completely down to earth and passionate about sharing their little slice of coastal paradise.

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