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Watson Wander: Boondocking near Zion

From the bloggers at Watson Wander.

After our week of full hook-ups at Sand Hollow State Park we decided to go back out for some more boondocking. I mean, you can only take so many long hot showers before it gets old right? Actually, our original intention was to spend a week at the South Campground in Zion National Park.

We stayed there for ten days back in 2013, and while the campground itself was only okay (smallish sites, no privacy, lots of tenters burning 24-hour smoky fires that will inevitably drift in your bedroom window and make your sheets smell nasty until the next time you find a laundromat), the location can’t be beat.

Of course, at that time neither of us were working much which meant we were able to fall into a routine of hoping on the shuttle in the morning, riding into the canyon and then hiking all day. Ahh…the good old days. Now that we have a more rigorous work schedule the thought of spending all day at the campground with only a few hours in the afternoon to enjoy the park was not nearly as appealing.

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