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Canyon Vistas RV Resort
Canyon Vistas RV Resort

Vogel Talks RVing: Prepping your home for snowbird travel

From the bloggers at Vogel Talks RVing. 

Even the most experienced RVers worry about their homes while they’re away. From the threat of a break-in to a failed heating system causing the pipes to freeze, the range of things that can go wrong at home are enough to keep folks up at night. Did you remember to lock the sliding doors?

With a little preparation, and a dose of prevention, none of these fears should keep you from embarking on your much-anticipated snowbird travels. No worries.

Set thermostat

When leaving your house during cold weather, set the thermostat for 50 degrees. This keeps the house well above freezing and prevents the pipes from freezing and bursting. Frozen pipes are one nightmare you can avoid.

It’s also important to have your furnace inspected and serviced. If your home is on oil heat, have the tanks filled. If your system has a filter, change the filter.

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