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Vintage Revivals: Michelle’s #colddeadfingers trailer reno

From the bloggers at Vintage Revivals.

I was just itching to see something more modern.  There are little moments of fantastic trailer designs (Design Sponge has a great before and after here) it just takes some sifting.  I will say though, I LOVE how people get this boost of confidence when they are working on these things.  I mean, there are some pretty gutsy moves happening and while it might not be my style, color me impressed.

Please for a moment, imagine my squeal of delight when an awesome reader emailed me pictures of the trailer that they had just overhauled.  I emailed her right away and begged to be able to show them to you guys.  She also might have thought I was nutso when I asked if I could interview her over the phone. But not tooooo nutso, because she agreed.  Ba-bam!

Welcome to Michelle’s 1961 Avion aka The Bean:

To read the full story by Vintage Revivals, click here.

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