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Vancouver Sun: Seven under-the-radar family travel destinations

From the bloggers at Vancouver Sun.

The most common reaction we get when people learn about our family’s year-long trek around the country living in a travel trailer is, “So what was your favourite place?” It’s not that it’s an unreasonable question, it’s just impossible to answer.

Despite 64,374 kilometres (40,000 miles) under our timing belts and miniature plastic license plates from most of the 49 states you can drive to (next time, Nebraska), so many of this country’s attractions await our discovery. “Best place” is hopeless anyway, like picking a favourite child or singling out the best slice of pie in the Florida Keys. You love them all.

By the numbers, Great Smoky Mountains, Grand Canyon, Yosemite, and Yellowstone draw the most visitors. But how about the unheard-of or under-appreciated gems further down the list? They deserve some love too.

To read the full story by Vancouver Sun, click here.

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