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Valterra FridgeCool

Valterra FridgeCool keeps cold food fresh longer

RVers who spend considerable time in their RVs often encounter a problem with food spoiling inside the refrigerator. That’s because most RV refrigerator makers don’t install fans in the gas absorption models. As a result, warmer air rises to the top and cooler air settles near the bottom.

The Valterra FridgeCool is a compact, portable air circulation system that helps keep cold food fresh longer. The 5-ounce fan sits on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator pushing cooler air up and around the food.

It operates on two “D” size alkaline batteries that are not included in the package. However, the batteries run continuously for 30 days. The device features an on-off switch to save battery power when the RV is not being used.

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