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Vagabond Family: Traveling with kids over the age of 10

From the bloggers at Vagabond Family.

Traveling allows you to explore the world we live in. As adults, many of us find that traveling creates wonderful memories that we can draw on happily for the rest of our lives.

The same is very much true for children. Especially if they’re over the age of 10.

To take kids places to is to teach them to see it up close and understand the beauty that awaits them as they grow up. A single trip can offer exposure to new culture, rainbows spread across the canyons of a rainforest or the way that a monument put up two hundred years ago is still standing today.

Navigate the world wisely — by both travel method and activity — with the youngsters in your life using the following tips:

1. Prepare before you go

Older kids have different needs than their younger counterparts. Before you go, proper preparation is vital.

Start with a list of all the items you’ll need for the trip. Create a separate checklist for each kid. The checklist should include all the belongings they are going to take with them as well as all vital documents they may need to have on hand while traveling.

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