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Vagabond Family: 7 fun places to visit with kids in San Francisco

From the bloggers at Vagabond Family.

San Francisco is an enthralling city full of life and energy. It is irrefutably one of the best cities in North America for a vacation with family and kids. The city has something for all age groups. Your kids are going to have some memorable experiences in San Francisco. Moreover, there are some really amazing places that you can go for free, without having to worry about breaking into your savings.

In this article, you will find out about some tourist attractions that your kids will love, and, of course, later, thank you for getting them there. Here is a list of 7 fun places that are kids-friendly and also easy with money.

San Francisco Zoo

I still have to come across a kid who doesn’t fancy going to animal zoos. All kids love zoo trips and your kid too will love the San Francisco zoo trip. The San Francisco Zoo provides excellent nature-focused interactions where kids not only see these animals but also learn about these animals. This particular zoo is home to more than 1000 exotic, endangered and rescued animals. It domiciles more than 250 species. In addition, the zoo houses several native and foreign plants.

The zoo is located just a few steps from the Pacific Ocean on the western side of the city. Be prepared to see some tigers, gorillas and penguins.  Moreover, a few rare animals such as black rhinoceros, polar bears and snow leopard too can be seen.

Cable Car Ride

You have to take your kids for this super cool cable car ride on Lombard Street. It is usually very uncommon to get to ride this San Franciscan cable car. These cable cars are traditional mode of transportation still very much functional for the general public.

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