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Vagabond Family: 13 tips for an amazing family vacation in Arizona

From the bloggers at Vagabond Family.

Arizona may be best known for the natural wonder of the Grand Canyon but there is so much more to experience on a trip to this Southwestern state. With weather that cooperates for most of the year and a cross-section of activities that work well with kids, Arizona is an ideal destination for your next big family vacation.

Whether you’re ready for a week (or just a weekend) of adventure, relaxation and all-ages fun, our list of tips for planning a journey through this scenic state will help you take an epic family vacation.

  1. Plan an itinerary

One of the easiest ways to reduce your stress while traveling is to plan ahead. While our list is a good start, search the Internet for your own personal favorite kind of activities in the area. If your kids love dinosaurs or spaceships, see what the local area has to offer. Don’t forget your own interests, too – if you love antiquing, classic cars, or maybe strolling through used book stores, check out what Arizona has to offer and make a short-list of your favorites.

From there, you can organize these activities based on the locations you’ll be in on each day — making it convenient to squeeze in more fun. Now you’ll have several things to choose from each day and you won’t risk missing out on any of your must-see attractions.

  1. Create a packing list

The worst feeling is walking into the airport while thinking “I know I’m forgetting something!” A packing list prevents that from happening.

Once you know where you’re going and have an idea of what you’ll be doing, you can plan accordingly. Don’t forget to check the weather report! There are plenty of packing lists on Pinterest that can help but also remember to pack specifically for the type of trip you’re taking. I love how YouTuber Rachel Talbot packs for trips and the video she released about her own trip to Arizona with her family has some awesome tips here.

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