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Vagabond Family: 10 places your kids should see before they grow up

If you’re reading this blog, you understand the value in showing your children our diverse world firsthand. Exploring various cultures and visiting new places will have a lasting impression on children – and will likely impact them as they grow into adults. Worldliness is a trait that many adults never attain, but it holds the power to help shape children into adults who appreciate the vast habitat of humanity that is our planet.

Places Your Kids Should See Before They Grow Up

There are, indeed, scores of interesting places to visit; but there are a few that are extraordinarily special – even magical – for children. These places have the potential to shape the way they view the world as they grow up. As you explore the world with your children, be sure to stop at the following 10 places.

There’s something about waterfalls – especially large waterfalls – that evoke an emotional response. Whether it’s their beauty or their impressive size – probably a combination of both – large waterfalls are particularly captivating to children. Your children should experience the falls before they grow up because it will reinforce to them the majesty of the world every time they remember the visit.

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