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About Us

Greg with is a website for RVers by RVers. The founders, most writers and all reviewers are full-time RV owners who travel the country and understand the unique needs of people who enjoy the RV lifestyle.

The site officially launched in January 2015 as an independent source for news, product reviews and as the go-to site to find the best information about the RV lifestyle. We scan the Internet all day every day, pointing our visitors to the best the web has to offer in terms of stories, blogs, podcasts, videos, news items, new products, service tips, photos and ideas to enhance the RV lifestyle. Our writers also publish unique content like destination stories, interviews of other RVers, lifestyle tips and product reviews.

We publish a free daily newsletter featuring a summary of the best information we found that day about the RV lifestyle.

Our free weekly newsletter features original stories, product reviews and business reviews people won’t find anywhere else on the Internet.

Our philosophy is simple. We are not controlled by a corporation. Reviews you read on our site are actual reviews by real RV users. They are not written because some company paid us to speak well of their firm or product.

As the editor of RV Daily Report, I have covered the business side of the RV industry since January 2000. However, in April 2014, I packed up “the office,” loaded it into my Winnebago Adventure motorhome and hit the road to attain a completely different perspective of the RV industry. Combining our business connections with our appreciation for the RV lifestyle, we believe we can deliver a very unique product of interest to RV owners and “wannabes.”

We welcome your ideas and your suggestions. Feel free to send them directly to me at



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