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Unclutterer: How to live simply in a 39 foot RV — From Louise Hornor

From Louise Horner with Unclutterer.

My husband and I live full-time on the road in a 39 foot tour bus that has been converted into an RV. While this is considered fairly large by RV standards, it is a very small home, especially considering that we share it with one dog, two cats, and four tropical fish.

Keeping things uncluttered is vital for several reasons. First, we travel almost every day. Loose items simply cannot be lying around in a moving vehicle. At best, they will become a big mess as they slide and shift. At worst, they can become deadly projectiles in an accident.

One way we have reduced clutter is by going electronic. Bills are paid online through a service. Paper bills are received at their facility, scanned, and emailed to me. We pay our taxes electronically. All our banking is done over the internet.

The most important way we reduce clutter, however, is simply by having less stuff. Sometimes less means fewer.

By looking for items with multiple uses, we can often get by with less. Our mixing bowls double as serving bowls, a folding stool is used as a footrest, small padded trays are used both for dining and to hold the laptop computers, and bungee cords are used for everything.

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